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Indeed. It's a lot in terms of how it was given, but the focus. Was there. Just having the server and then the ability to pull an applet as needed would be very neat.
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Until February of this year, I had been using Nokia's Mobile Web Server ( for doing just what you are talking about in terms of managing one's own social graph. Because I was aware of, and not willing to compromise to, the terms of service for FB and several others services, I found it one part a challenge and another part very freeing to have my own platform - and then try and work with people - literally network with them - so that they could access my content streams on my terms. Unfortunately, Nokia shut down the gateway for the Mobile Web Server service. And there was little noise made with the MWS because "Facebook could do it" and other similar comments. I still feel that given our use of mobile and social technologies, that such a platform has a veritable approach, and should be explored by many. Yes, there's the issue of "what happens to this server when my mobile's battery dies," but really, I don't know that it should be a concern. The way the MWS was designed, for example, connecting my device to MS Exchange took more battery life than running the server. And the open platform that it was built on (Apache, Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) meant that I could essentially have my own content management system (like a Blogger/Typepad/Wordpress and a Flickr, and a personal web-enabled Outlook) that I could intentionally share with others. It was ahead of its time. And unfortunately, closed down before this brooha happened. I miss it (badly). Others will pine for it when they realize what is possible.
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This would have made more sense as simply an MMS piece that had such a code authenticated to the room owner's mobile. It would be a lot simpler to implement and not require training to users or staff. Good idea, but app is overkill. Oh, build a mobile friendly site for the other tasks of room mgmt and you have that part covered too.
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Mar 20, 2010