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Thanx for highlighting the great infographic! It's amazing! I saved it to desktop for future reference. Google has its hand in so many endeavors, it's hard to keep up, but the infographic lists them in a nutshell.
Hi, I'd like an entry, please. Thank you!
Congrats! Look forward to a snowball effect of joint venture project announcements! :D
The only history of the search engines, to me, is: Yahoo, AltaVista and Looksmart. Altavista barely gets a mention on the graphic, and Looksmart, 0 - what gives?
You did well with dot me, so I didn't understand why in the title it appears you were dissing ALL the exensions, until I dove into your article . . . With the burgeoning of mobile, short and catchy is less to type . . . My blog, is ranking in Google, plus it had 6,100 uniques last month . . . It's okay to put a blog on dot tv. But I learned from the domaining industry to protect my brand and register the dot com. Because dot tv is part of the brand, I register the corresponding dot com, such as,, etc.
Thanx for posting the complaint. Saved it, plus bookmarked this site, for future reference, should I ever be served UDPR for any in my small portfolio. You go!
@ rick said: "There is no industry on earth that one can't find a decent two or 3 word .com that actually means something and passes all the tests. It just takes a few hours of time and some digging." That is reassuring. I am proud to say I didn't register a single dot co, and have built a little portfolio of emerging technologies domains on dot com. But I registered a couple dot tvs - I just enjoy when a program comes on with on the info bar, when you click, Info on your remote. But I would register, if I wanted to build a brand, as I did with points to it. Because I listened to you!
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Nov 16, 2011