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@ mahonj There are two different measures that I can think of: Per-person or per-capita and per-driver or per-motorist. Per-driver or per-motorist data provides an indication of the average distance drivers drive, whether on a given day, week, month, year, etc. Per-person or per-capita data considers average mileage driven relative to the number of representative people or representative population. The figure and table above reflect per-capita or per person driving data. Meanwhile, aggregate driving miles in the U.S. in 2018 is a whopping 3.2+ trillion. The most it's ever been. So, what this is saying is that even though average per-person driving is below the peak of 9,314 miles in 2004 to 8,855 miles in 2018, by virtue of the fact that aggregate annual driving miles is what it is, this suggests to me that more people are taking to the roads more often. That's my take.
The operative phrase here should be "zero-emissions," not "low-emissions." Why diesel school buses are still allowed is perplexing. Whether dirty diesel or clean, these still emit diesel particulates, and particulates and any concentration whether these be coarse, fine or ultra-fine, pose risk to human health. In the long run, zero-emissions school buses should be less expensive to operate and maintain and should have longevity on their side compared to their internal-combustion-engine-powered counterparts. But, most importantly, these are healthier options for students riding school buses.
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May 6, 2018