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Hi, Mark: I have seen this kind of thing firsthand myself, though not to the tune of $600000. However, it is important to let readers know that this kind of thing happens all the time with analog and digital PBX systems as well as VoIP systems. In fact, in my experience, the typical VoIP provider has much better fraud detection for expensive routes than the telephone companies like AT&T and Verizon. Please don't let your headline and post here be used to scare off potential consumer, SMB or enterprise VoIP customers. My point is that it actually may be easier to hack legacy systems for profit than a VoIP system. Thanks. marc.
Hi, Andy: You could look no further than what 2600hz is doing. Infusing fault tolerance and scalability with a huge dollop of Erlang, they've taken the core of Freeswitch and turned it into a pretty viable replacement for Broadsoft. Having used both their SIP trunking and hosted SIP services over the past several years, I believe their products are really stable and well done. You should talk to Darren Scrheiber and Patrick Sullivan :) Thanks. marc.
Toggle Commented Apr 2, 2013 on Oracle In Telco-Look At FreeSwitch at VoIPWatch
Hi, Andy and Michael: Yes, we have a full API on the Communicator that would allow a developer to either add hardware control of the device to their existing app rather easily or to completely build a new app that would control the hardware. For example, we have several different partners that are looking to do simple things like light up the MWI when there is a message in their app. One is going much further and wants to build a trading floor turret based on the Communicator. Ironically, this makes our device a more open platform than the Glass or Panasonic products in the way that Apple has made the iPad a platform with more than 200,00 unique apps. Thanks marc.
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Apr 2, 2013