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How pathetic is this? If a GA can't even come to and enforce a decision on what is ground it "occupies" how can it ever dream of becoming some sort of constituent power? Time to get serious people. COMBAT LIBERALISM.
oops. meant to say "young gay men"
HIV infection rates among you gay men are skyrocketing lately. Partly due to perception that AIDS is an "old man's disease" and partly to the glamourisation and promotion of barebacking and unsafe sex at sex clubs where drugs are widely available and barebacking is more than tolerated. It's a shame that older club promoters are making profits off the spread of disease which is now taking its toll on yet another generation of younger men. I hope the public health authorities take action and shut them down. Everyone knows what goes on there, so let's stop this silly game of denial.
the brochures and branding are very similar to what commerce bank did in the usa. their "naive" approach worked very well there and it will work even better here, given the absolute misery that is today's retail banking experience in the uk. people don't want another slick brochure. people just want a bank that doesn't suck. i'm opening an account at metro 29 july.
tremble, oh london, at the emotional turmoil that hordes of vauxhell queens on a mega-comedown will unleash on anyone in their paths next week.
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May 2, 2010