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Moderne Akupunktur
Akupunktur Universitetet Industrivej Nord 22 7490 Aulum
Modern Acupuncture Course Boel Moderne Akupunktur (BMA) consists of eight Modern Acupuncture Methods. AcuNova (Acupuncture 2000) is the first BMA method, which the students learn in the 3-day course. In the 4-day course the students learn about the other seven BMA methods. A complete BMA education last 7 days all in all. A talented AcuNova acupuncturist may after a 3-day course be able to help 70-80% of the patients, who can be cured with acupuncture. A practitioner who master all eight BMA methods (3-day + 4-day courses) may obtain remarkable results with approx. 90% of the patients (Eye patients though only approx. 83%). You can say we upgrade to business class. Or in other words; At an intensive 4-day course the colleagues who have been taught AcuNova / Acupuncture 2000 are able to help 9 out of 10 of the patients, who may be treated with acupuncture incl. the so called chronic incurable diseases. Until now 5,000 students from 50 countries have completed a AcuNova acupuncture course. Approx. 1,000 students have learned two other BMA methods: AcuLine and AcuChronic, and approx. 200 students have learned all eight Boel Modern Acupuncture methods. All 200 students were able to use Boel Modern Acupuncture after one week of intensive education. It is due to their experience that we with complete certainty are able to say that it is possible to learn BMA within a week. You can obtain more information as well as sign up for a course on this homepage: Best regards, John Boel
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May 1, 2017