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Breadth and depth - YES! Lloyd, a question, how would you start a class for "students using online courses while they are off campus doing such things as starting companies, gaining work experience, and performing community service - that is, testing and enriching their academic experiences through greater experience in the "real world". The online courses would enable the students to be off campus while not separating themselves from the learning environment"? I.e., what specific classes have you seen successfully meet this bill? Lloyd comments: no idea what MIT has in mind. Part of it might be simply letting students continue coursework via e.g. MITx while they are elsewhere. That would be OK as far as it goes, but could be much more. For example, data show that the students will learn more from the experience if they are encouraged to reflect on what they are encountering in the outside world, and how that relates to the coursework that they have had, or are having. Similarly, if they can share challenges and solutions with other students in similar situations, more learning occurs. One can imagine an online course that makes all of that happen.
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Feb 2, 2014