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George, did you see this AB debacle yet? AB got their acquired craft brewing minions to whinge about other craft brewers wanting a craft brewing label. Reading the comments from craft beer customers wherever this video is linked is priceless. I imagine the geniuses behind this video also made "Brewed the hard way":
Having hung out with a younger worker on a trip I totally get this. If it is not a good picture to spray onto the internet then it did not happen. I do find this to be a projection of the age-old "keeping up with the Jones" complex. People are one-upping each other in meaningless ways because it makes them feel less insecure about themselves.
I wanted to tell you I loved you in Moonraker...
Must be tough to do ads for Applebees. I would not even shit on their food much less eat it. Perhaps they can feed it to the new most interesting man in the world and kill him?
I keep thinking there is a good joke in the name Karmarama but I do not feel creative enough to figure it out. I wonder if Accenture is hiring?
Sounds like all the horrible metrics of software development. The worse the metric wizard the more the pressure will be to get better metrics. That pressure will kill any attempt at quality work or desire to do quality work. We call projects with these guys death marches! "3 weeks to get approval. Let's get that down to 2 weeks people...fuck it give me a napkin!"
Does bud ever push press or do advertising talking about their actual product? Beyond what is printed on the bottle, or how hard it is to make (it isn't), or how it got delivered? The emperor has no clothes and apparently no sense of taste either. I can see this listed in 50 years (although I'll be way dead by then) as a first time achievement in the record books and everyone will wonder what Budweiser was...
“what is interesting today is different from what was interesting a decade ago.” HAHA. I keep reading about how millennial's take shit jobs and want more ephemeral experiences. The original most interesting spots are a millennial's wet dream. The spots were not interesting but outrageous. The only one who is bored with the campaign was whatever new exec came in and decided to show bold leadership...(guessing) Maybe the new ads will be as millennial friendly as the twitter pedialyte tweets:
I did not know Jack Elam was still alive...
Wow as much as I can say about poor sportsmanship I know she will look back on her heated comments with regret for the rest of her life. If she is a poorsportsnozzle and does not regret them there is no Hope.
I am somewhat hoping just how they structure the ads within the HTML will make it very hard for someone to not erase it from display. I can foresee even analyzing divs to see if they text within it is ad-like. The arms race continues! The only downside is we still have to download that shit and push up data usage on our phones.
I wonder which startup put that baboon heart in Cheney?
Toggle Commented Aug 4, 2016 on Don’t fuck with Thiel! at AdScam/The Horror!
I am always one of those lucky fliers who have to not have peanuts on a flight because someone on the plane is allergic to peanuts. The people that die from them take this shit seriously they would never eat a product called peanuts which happened to omit peanuts from the ingredient list. With that said, I have met some pretty fucking dumb people in my life.
Toggle Commented Aug 4, 2016 on Why Brexit happened. at AdScam/The Horror!
While recuperating this should lift your spirits: Next week they will sweeten the deal with an additional free bowl of soup...
Toggle Commented Jun 20, 2016 on AdScam Alert! at AdScam/The Horror!
I think you should be writing while on pain meds...what could go wrong? Get bionically well soon!
Toggle Commented Jun 17, 2016 on AdScam Alert! at AdScam/The Horror!
I agree about cell users being super annoying but this article did not point out they were irradiating the rats head to tail for 9 hours a day for 2 years straight. Or also the control rats had a questionable amount of tumors as well (although somewhat lower than the "baked" rats). Study sounds pretty crazy to me but I guess I don't bake rats for a living...
I was going to make a joke about donkey punches and then I felt bad. contrite with guilt George...
Toggle Commented May 27, 2016 on AdAge goes “Shyster!” at AdScam/The Horror!
I remember when cable tv came out and it was the promise of no-commercials. That didn't last long. Now Hulu has a commercial and non-commercial subscription price...guess what? Nozzles are paying for non-commercial but still getting special segments...aka commercials. So long as Netflix, Amazon Prime and others do not join suite their growth is fucked. OTOH those other companies are watching Hulu closely...
I'm lovin' it! It's what plants crave...
George, If you have ever looked at any of those most jobs per state map you will see half the country apparently drive trucks. They have a huge target on their asses. FWIW, I think a truck with software is probably going to be much safer than a half-asleep trucker watching porn while texting his wife.
George, Blame it on Rio then... Holy cow! The Olympics are in Brazil this year too. I wonder if they worked out a FIFA deal to sell the 'Murican beer there (beer starts fisticuffs and knificuffs there)? I don't normally drink nun's piss but when I do it is lavished in stars and bars. These colors don't run...but something else does the next day. It's like fish in the barrel. I could go on all day.
Toggle Commented May 12, 2016 on America Nuns Piss! at AdScam/The Horror!
George! I thought for sure you would cover this nuns piss wrapped in a flag by now:
yes yes...truly tasteless but are you ready for some cruzball? wtf is cruzball? Does cruz have some huge pole shoved up his ass so others can use him to kick a ball? I don't get it...
Toggle Commented May 9, 2016 on My final Fiorina! at AdScam/The Horror!
Dude!?!? but that logo... I am pretty sure the logo slowed down the slide. She is a shoe-in to be Cruz's running mate in 2020.
Toggle Commented May 2, 2016 on Marissa melts down richly! at AdScam/The Horror!