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One thing that is important to remember before responding is to know your audience and environment. On, you're probably going to respond to nearly every comment that is made on a status or discussion that you've started because those are probably going to be in good taste and will foster good discussion or exchange of ideas. On, for me at least, I have more personal comments that I make and if professional people are following me, they probably know me and have worked with me and wont misinterpret any comments of candor that I make because they understand the context of how I deliver them. More than likely, I'll respond, but sometimes it's just not required. When conversation is going on in a room we don't always barge in or support what each person involved in the conversation is saying. Sometimes we simply observe. Observation and reservation are just as important in communication just as speaking, texting, tweeting, or etc., appropriately. On, your conversation is dependent on your brand and how your followers perceive you. Unfollowing is tricky business... I can realize that someone is saying something I don't like, but if they aren't doing it consistently everytime I view them in my timeline, I can continue to follow them. No one is perfect and you won't always like everything someone says. And if you do, chances are, they are only sticking to discussion that is relevant to a specific topic or cause that you support. The standards in social media are varying, just as the standards in society are. We all come from different backgrounds and cultures so it's important to realize that when communicating and to remember the golden rule: Treat others like you want to be treated. That sums it up!
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Mar 10, 2010