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Les enfatns ont le devoir de se faire aimable...Children have the obligation to be lovable...
one picture means a lot, you are sisters simply Gracefully!!! LOve Ya..Lucky man that M. Hilton..! give me that hand , !! don't let it repose on iron!!! :)
J'ai choisi de travailler pour le bien de tous ces enfants..!! c est pourquoi je gache ma vie..
HE 's a good father for us all.. just remember, read, understand without interpretation , just because HE makes it simple...
The Rules are clear for me, that's why I 'm a believer...and I'm bless...
If you give us the JLo song ... thanks a lot , missed you so much!! earing your songs are :)))))))
Wish you to stay healthly for the rest of your life.. and full of grabed LOve, and more laughter than cry...wish you all!! :) Thanks God, for all answered wishes! @GOD
Toggle Commented Jun 18, 2012 on 11:11 - Make a Wish... at Paris Hilton
And what choices do we have living our life... biggest or simply... we have only one.. don't you .. right you have the choice... but why did you choose that... because you have no choices... :) hope you have fun to read me again..!!! LOve you!! XX
Beautyful beautyful day.. but what's about you... you practice some martial art this morning...?!!
We cannot see the purse!! dommage!!
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2012 on It's all about the accessories.... at Paris Hilton
You wear those fashion and pure simplicity accessories... :) LOve it...
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2012 on It's all about the accessories.... at Paris Hilton
Hilo paris, excuse myself for yesterday, I was full of emotions, and cannot make the differences between those voices and the thruth .. my heart was broken, you saw the topo, each girl when I was young, each woman now..... Continue reading
Posted Jun 12, 2012 at Paris Hilton
J e rejette paris hilton , bye..
With a real good pleasure... Have fun, enjoy those for me , and I will dance for you one minutes, but you are beauty in that kind of flower growed up... amasing, that beauty is forever! As like as those flowers, will you get the good one...I'm probably not the good one... but I'm there helping if I can... Lost you sometimes, but not forever...x
Don't tell me about a thing so beauty as like her belly-buttom... so sexy no!? how great Mother she as! :)
would you go out of that helico one day?? I have a lot of things to say to you.. My feelings are good, but just thinking what you are ..does your feelings good ??
I go for sale some poeltry... it works, it pay me my soda... LOLL...have a good night; beggining soon as possible,..LOve You &&crew!!! Continue reading
Posted Jun 11, 2012 at Paris Hilton
The beautyfull Paris is somewhere, we couldn't be with, and she lives it... I eared... be glad you have that... wish for more.. x sweet shying smile... Continue reading
Posted Jun 11, 2012 at Paris Hilton
I listening @MichaelWoods ... Nice, I reach for more... happyest... he looses his smile in music or He never has..or it s after that work so hard.. I listening again...
You are PERFECT! P E R F E C T !!! :) with that plus smile you will win... but try really the one who you need!! :) SUCCESS Baby... :) mmmmmmuuuuuuaaa x
Hello....we I and you will pass a good time safety and carefull...x...on that tchat I will put some video very nice... let me reach for patient...and would be something very smooth... Continue reading
Posted Jun 9, 2012 at Paris Hilton
Moimeme1975 added a favorite at Paris Hilton
Jun 9, 2012
I make a wish maybee too late, is to see you in penombra..and dance for you from my eyes.....You want it too? just a look at you sincere, and you will be improve.. Continue reading
Posted Jun 9, 2012 at Paris Hilton
Moimeme1975 shared a video on YouTube at Paris Hilton
Jun 9, 2012
With that kind of dress you need an Helicopter...LOL your are funny in that are agenced with your friend..which kind of water for having so funny colors.. Have fun!! :)