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I've got several t-shirts that I wear on appropriate occasions, saying: "What would Judas Do?" "Suspected Terrorist" and other, similar, things that are probably very troublesome to Xtians and authoritarians. As offensive as the Phelps clan is, to use legal methods to stop them would, necessarily imply that those same legal methods could be used against me and everyone out there, and it is not worth it for us to lose what little freedom that still exists in the US to prevent the Phelps clan from being schmucks. Seriously, just because the Phelps people are probably evil and insane does not imply they are stupid. They are probably very intelligent, in an evil and insane way. If we observe these people from a strategic/tactical frame of reference, and assuming that their primary goal is media attention, then even counter-protests are only giving them a "win". The Phelps clan needs to become irrelevant. If *everyone* would just ignore them, they will probably just go away.
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Mar 6, 2011