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Well, it should be simple enough to differentiate; if you're discussing the aesthetic, say "indie", when you're talking about Indianapolis, say "Indy" and if you're talking about the the business model, say what you mean: "independent". You could also use "non-aligned" or "unsigned" for artists without any deal at all and DIY for self-published artists.Is nomenclature really that big a problem? :D
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People have long been fascinated with the concept of the musical automaton, from the age of levers, pulleys and gears through that of software. So far, most such creations have been capable of playback only, but these newer, more sophisticated music generators still require extensive programming. As technology advances, we may be able to teach the machines how to play, even to the extent of adding enough humanistic expression to evoke a very real human response, but even that won't replace a musician who knows what to play, when to play it, and why it should be played. Would a 'bot have chosen to play "Nearer My God To Thee", while the Titanic was sinking?
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Nov 22, 2012