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What kind of 12 year old feminine hygiene product tries to smear an author about a memoir? Michaels has no courage.
I agree that Mr. Rosenthal is doing the right thing by posting this article. The silence coming from the top is deafening. "No comment" from a newspaper? Really? That should be entered into the FAIL Hall of Fame.
Brilliant article at the NY Times. I have no idea anymore why I keep my subscription tot he Chicago Trib. The articles are mediocre, Kass is a blowhard, and the Sun-Times keeps scooping them! Plus, look at this horrible website! I haven't seen something this awful and chintzy since 1995. This paper is so bad, that sometimes I never even take the paper out of the plastic bag and they go straight to recycling every Saturday. Clear Channel killed radio, they took away everything that was innovative and interesting about the medium. Those kinds of managers don't care about the people who tuned in loyally, and they certainly don't feel responsible for things like quality and integrity. And no matter what, they still get paid! We should just let the Trib die, so that these jerks don't make another dime. I wish it could be that easy!
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Oct 6, 2010