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I think its time you people realise that this SCNC issue and its fight for independence or whatever will lead us nowhere. I am not a profet of doom, but the hand writting is very clear on the wall. Biya and all his advocates of evil will do everything in their power to frustrate the movement. The effect is not and will never be felt by all these internet freedom fighters. Take some vacation go back home (if you can) and see for yourself the condition of our dear fatherland. Its a complete disaster, not touching only English speaking Cameroon, but almost the entire country. Yaounde and its envirion (Mvomeka), might be an exception, but yet just a handfull of them will side with the regime .We are talking about a nation wide catastrophy, which demands some urgent action from all Camerooonians not only SCNC. The reality is that the nightmare some of us see in terms of abandoned infrastructure, dilapudated and falling structures hopelessness, etc are more common everywhere. And these talks of SCNC and independent for SC, will not just work. From Ekona market using a public transport, with my mum on our way back home to Buea,the vehicle was stopped just some 500meters for the Ekona market, my mum was asked to pay 1100frs, when I inquired why she told me it has been a routine since the SDF took over control of the council. All "buy-and sellam", of foodstuffs must pay this amount to an SDF agent, on leaving Ekona, else the driver will unload their things. What about the receipt, I inquired, please I am busy, either you pay or your mums things be unloaded. About another 1500meters the vehicle was stopped again, this time by police officials. Up to this moment it has been common place for the driver to move up to the police and give them "whatever". The police officer took my passport and didn't returned it. After waiting for about 10mins, the driver became very impatient, and asked me to go out and talk with them, which ofcourse I did, and was asked to produce my vacination card. I did that at the airport, however its at home. He didn't say anything for a while I stood there waiting, finally the driver came out and started at me. This is not Whiteman country you settle them or I leave you. This is Cameroon! he said. I had vowed upon entering my country never aid corruption in any way, I told this driver, who immediately started unloading my mothers stuff. You ought to be ashame of caming back home without a car as your friends bush fallers does. "He has three new ones at home my mothers jumped out of the car saying". Then why leave them at home only to came and be disturbing my business, replied the driver? A lady from my mums village who was also a passenger jumped out of the car went directly to the police holding my pass, made as if she was about giving her money, saw the opportunity, snatched the pass and a fight ensue. The police officer pushed her down (my mothers age 58-59yrs.) I couldn't take it any longer. Upon securing my pass, I had this guy down on a single blow, damming all the consequences. His two collegues smelling hell in view of the gathering crowd, forced him into a car a they all speed off, towards Buea. Back in the car, a terrible arguement ensued upon realising that this officer is an anglophone from Bamenda. For the first time in my life I experienced how divided and distanced we were. I am afraid to say this. The passengers started at each other in a camp of two, "the south westerners are very stupid and lazy people., just look at their roads, you will never see this happening in Bamenda. Have you ever gone to Bamenda, nice big roads from Bafoussam right up to Bamenda and beyond". Yes then go home to Bamenda. What are you doing here. Came-no-go". Before SDF took over Ekona-Muyuka, things were good but look at now, everything is falling apart. I will never vote for SDF. Muna and Foncha fooled us and now Fru Ndi". "Achidi Achu was clever, he tared our roads, you have had Musonge and now Inoni, but nothing, only dust and mud..shame .shame". "It is because you people leave Bamenda come here and bring confussion, that is why Biya is punishing us. If you people leave us alone Biya will tarr our road. You bring trouble eveywhere, even at the university in Buea, go and build your own university". Internet freedom fighters, this is the reality at home. The fight is not going anywhere because amongst us we are very very divided, hence the need to look at Biya and France as an enemy to Cameroon not only Anglophone. I drove through Lum, Mbanga and worst of them all Nkongsamba. It is the same story. A town like Nkongsamba is a nightmare, it is completely unrecognisable. I was told Biya was punishing Samual Ebua, for revolting. The entire country is going through a revolution of an unimaginable magnitude. The so called bendsiken is the major source of employment. Almost all young unemployed with no experience not to talk of licence are formally and informally employed to polute our green heritage. While the international community is talking of green house effect, Biya and his gangs of thieves are busy entering more contracts with the chinese to polute more. After all the only good that can came out of an evil empire is evil. More polution, less opposition this evil juncta, since the youth are engaded in this evil business,just to make a living.Th business is poluting, maiming and killing, as well as supporting the entire corrupt system. Those of you who think Nigeria might help the SCNC, are really mistaken. Nigeria will give all the necessary Biya wants, to suppress any seccesionist move, because they also have a similar problem- the Niger Delta boys, as well as the Biafras, who are also in the minorities, and will only rule Nigeria when all the Northerners are dead. This minority issue is all over Africa. Maybe our only hope can be to join Ghadafi and start looking for a United Africa. If you people don't know, then get this straight. Biya, Mbongo,Sasso, Idriss, etc, are not acting alone. Their collaborators are not only France-Multinationals, USA, Chinese, UK, you name them, are all behind this mess. Its all part of a grand conspiracy, which might only be cracked by a continent wide revolution. Talk to Africans from different countries, and the story is the same. We should even count ourself lucky, thanks to Obasanjo. These same conspirators were at the verge of unleaching a war which could have gone down in history between Cameroon and Nigeria because of disagreement on how to share oil in Bakassi. How come that suddenly Cameroon and Nigeria were disputing Bakassi after almost 40 yrs of independence. Devils always welcome evil and its source. How do you people expect a man capable of murdering his wife (Irene) , because of power, to finally give that power away peacefully..Thats a big mistake. Biya will and is capable with the help of the likes mention above, to do anything just to stay in power. We can use someother strategies..join Ghadafi, and rally other Africans around us, or nationally join the Bamilekes, form some form of alliance which can give meaning and hope to other sections of the country. The kind of hope which the SDF brought in its early years, but never succeeded because it was considered an Anglophone party. This time if the Bamilekes join and maybe take over leadership, any foul play will surely see a nationwide revolution similar to the one in Georgia. Cameroonians are all frustrated with no hope so long as Biya is there. We only need a rallying force who can bring them hope, and then Biya will definitley end up like Romanias Caucescou.