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PPlease I need an answer. How can a part that is out to gain power can’t even contest for half the number of parliamentary seats. Let’s say the SDF won all the 70 seats it is vying for that will be just 38.9% far away from 66.7% that is needed for any change in parliament. What a shame to the SDF and Fru Ndi. This is clear evident that the SDF is now a regional party of the North West Province. Instead of Fru Ndi changing his policies to gain more militants he should continue with his tribal tendencies. By next elections the SDF will only be in Tarikon. Cameroon is not only South West and more especially my dear FAKO for the SDF to win. My dear South Westerners if at all you have to vote just put aside the Tribal SDF and for any other party that you personally think will bring progress to your region. How Many South Westerners are holding post in the NEC? lease I need an answer. How can a part that is
How idiotic is this Fru Ndi. So for him to commit a crime you must be at the scene. He has showed his limits and is not fit for the post of president of Cameroon.
Mola Mbella Moki you are a man and a politician. You will rule again May God Bless you
yes I am here