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100% agree with everyone who says you should report this. Maybe Noah didn't understand what she was spelling, but you did, and these sessions aren't just for him. Her job is to make him better and to make you feel better about the whole ordeal, and she failed to do so on a number of levels, but especially that one. You can't just snicker behind a child's back like that. Maybe take some time to cool down before calling (I always do, so that when I have a complaint about someone else's immaturity, they don't end up rolling their eyes at me blowing my top off and say, "Yeah, tell me about it"), but if she thinks it's acceptable to say that, she's wrong. Whether it's true or not (and I trust your self-judgment: it's not), no professional has the right to say that, least of all in front of the mother she's trying to help.
Toggle Commented Jan 17, 2008 on Lunch Bunch Dropout at amalah . com
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