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Another year has passed, and among the many things for which I'm grateful is the fact that I'm still around to say this today -- and whenever I darned well feel like saying it(!): I love you. :)
Toggle Commented Apr 4, 2011 on In the Name of Love at Obsessed with Conformity
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A year later -- one of my most challenging years ever -- Jim's post *still* inspires me. I'm acutely aware of the importance of embracing life every day, expressing love and appreciation for others, for the simple reason that we don't know what tomorrow will hold. I love you.
Toggle Commented Apr 4, 2010 on In the Name of Love at Obsessed with Conformity
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"Rule #2" rules! --@mollyblock P.S. What a fantastic restaurant concept *and* way in which to name the place. Sure wish I lived in Charlotte.
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Good post, Ben, and good points, Jim and Warren. Jim, I'm looking forward to the day when 'real prizes' are available, when businesses reward us for our loyalty based on app data/tracking. For example, if I'm restaurant X's Foursquare mayor, when will restaurant X offer me free appetizers or desserts – as a way to thank me for my past visits, and encourage my return business? Another geolocation app I've been keeping an eye on is CauseWorld, launched by Shopkick last month. 'Karma points' are awarded when users 'check in'; collected points can be converted to donations (funded by Kraft, Citi, and other companies) to support non-profit organizations. Essentially, users 'decide' how the corporate funds are disbursed. Participating companies get good exposure to the app's growing group of active users. Cause-related marketing via a geolocation app! If you use CW, let me know if you score extra points for bathroom visit check-ins. :) --Molly @mollyblock
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What a compelling piece! In the quake's wake, aren't you much more grateful and *aware* . . . for example, not taking for granted the availability of "basics" such as food and water? Last night, while shopping at Costco, I stood in front of a towering display of bottled water 36-packs and thought, "This scene just doesn't seem right." About the Web presence: Like many non-profit orgs, the Red Cross uses the products/services of an outside company (Convio, in this case) to support its online fundraising efforts. (We worked with Convio at the University of Houston.) I would think someone from the Red Cross could create a Haiti campaign microsite! --Molly @mollyblock
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Bravo! What am impressive partnership. Wishing you much success and happiness, --Molly @mollyblock
Transparency's an important point, and it's great that social media continues to help to broaden the public's awareness of many non-profit organizations and their work. However, am I the only person who finds it a bit disconcerting that such significant fund amounts get awarded based on organizations' popularity, rather than other qualifications? I'm eager to see how Pepsi harnesses social media -- and to what extent it manifests transparency -- in its upcoming cause-related marketing campaign. Good post, Beth.
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