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So, you can basically find ANY of these buildings doing a Google search, yet personally photographing them is somehow a crime? Had he not refused to say why he was filming, what on earth would they have charged him with; Photographing while American?
I guess I just assumed the truth rather than checking it out. My astonishment is that the Secret Service would allow these people even as close as they're getting to the President. Granted, they're not getting into the halls, but I wonder what the Service considers a safe perimeter. As these people seem to get more and more strident, I would really hate to be in their shoes. It's already been reported that the death threats have significantly increased, and seeing someone with an assault rifle couldn't make them feel secure. I don't know why anyone would feel secure around an assault rifle, even the one carrying it...
Remember "Bowling for Columbine"? Canadians are as heavily armed as we are in the U.S. but their murder rate isn't near ours. I was watching one of those "true crime" series the other night, and a Toronto cop was bemoaning the fact that their murder rate that year was in the 50s. Most U.S. cities of that size would love a rate like that.
The most obvious fallacy of the guns at the town hall meetings (I'm referring here to Obama's) is that in the Bush era, you could get arrested for wearing a t-shirt or having the wrong bumper sticker on your car. At the least, you'd never get into the meeting. Now, you can bring anything possibly including a grenade launcher, and it's okay. What sort of perimeter does the Secret Service consider reasonable these days?
TB and Alon, you're both more accurate than I was...I stand corrected. It just makes the Hitler analogies even more absurd.
Can't we just agree to stop the Hitler analogies because they're inane and totally inappropriate? Hitler killed 6,000,000 people because he thought they were vermin, and was bent on total world domination. Obama is trying to pass a health care bill. Where's the similarity? Also, speaking as someone with Jewish heritage, I find it totally offensive.