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Do you have access to the original, unedited file? If so, Kathleen's solution sounds fastest.
In the "Insert symbol" menu, there is a symbol for a left double quote. I would do a search. The first term in the search box is a left double quote (first I checked to make sure it catches only left double quotes, not right). Then I select "allow wildcards" in the search box and I used an asterisk to represent all intervening text (wasn't sure this would work, but I checked, and it did!) then type a second left double quote in the search box. so, in short, my search box terms were “*“ with "use wildcards" selected. This ended up highlighting any two left double quotes and all intervening text. At that point you can search the highlighted text for a right double quote. If you find a right double quote in the highlighted text then no changes are necessary, if not, then you've caught your quote within a quote.
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May 11, 2011