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I recently have read into the westernization of beauty standards in Asian cultures, especially the plastic surgery phenomenon in Korea. It is truly remarkable that plastic surgery websites claim that the procedures are not westernizing when in fact they eliminate very common features of Asian facial structure in favor of a more caucasian look. I also think it is very interesting that you brought up the possibility of there being a correlation between K-POP and plastic surgery and that fans will scramble to surgeons in order to look like famous artists. The statement you made in your conclusion that, "The surge in Taiwanese, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean natives conforming to bodies that are not typical of their ethnicity is a palpable example of how American is promoting, distinguishing, and artificially injecting their culture into the society of another..." is a perfect example of just how influential media and advertisements, specifically American, are not only to American people but people around the world. Ideals and standards imposed on consumers everywhere can have dramatic effects as you discussed, and should be representative of a more inclusive image.
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Jan 31, 2016