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I read Princess Academy several times to learn about character arcs (and because it's a wonderful book!) If you still have your outlines or notes for a chapter, it would be neat to see how they compare to what you eventually wrote.
Hmmm. Lauren Tarshis' Emma Jean often talks with her mother, who provides support and sometimes advice without solving her problems. John Green's protagonists tend to have mothers present at some point -- especially in The Fault in Our Stars, in which the main character has cancer. Fantasy-wise, Diane Duane's Nita has two supportive parents (at least in the early books) who know that she's a wizard and worry without being overly involved in her choices. It IS a challenge to come up with these titles. I wish there were more examples! Incidentally, the MG blog From the Mixed-Up Files posted about moms on the same day you did: I wonder if Mother's Day brought the topic to mind.
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Here's a set of stamps that might work. You could use Morgan Le Fay or Aslan. As much as I enjoy Discworld, I don't think I'd wear the stamp with Nanny Ogg..
I don't think I'd have a problem liking your new book. I haven't disliked anything you've written yet! This is rather silly, but I'm terrified of turbulence on planes. It throws me into a mindless panic, despite all rational explanations (it happens all the time, it's just a cold front, it has nothing to do with plummeting out of the sky and into a watery grave). I do love seeing new places and visiting friends, so conquering the fear is worth it. Still, I'm waiting for someone to invent a "beam me up, Scotty" device... Looking forward to reading Palace of Stone!
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