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Victoria, BC, Canada
Devoted Mom, all around nice lady who is a bit quirky... :)
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Lynn added a photo at Zachary Quinto
Happy Birthday, ZQ!!! Hope your day is super awesome - filled with cake, balloons and lots of good friends and laughter. xxoo
Jun 2, 2010
Whoops! Forgot to delete a response from someone else there on #3. Take out the padded suit and insurance policy - would still do it for the price listed below it. :) hehe
1.Sing in front of 50 people you don’t know. I did it once at karaoke - but was full of liquid courage, if you know what I mean. I'd do it again, but would cost you either 5 mojitos or... Continue reading
Posted May 5, 2010 at Zachary Quinto
Hahaha - me either, Jo Bob! My butt just gets movin' and groovin' to that song. :D
I am so sorry, Michelle. My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to you. We're all here for you if you need to talk or just share a smile or laugh. *comfort vibes*
Came here to show support for ZQ's work and ended up befriending the ZQC at the perfect time. My father ended up severely ill and I have used this forum for support, comfort and to find laughter when it is needed. :) I will be eternally grateful for that. This is definitely a "brain-break" site for me and one that always brings a smile to my face and some laughter to my heart. Yep, I would consider them inspiring - they inspire me to remember that laughter is important and smiles lighten the heart. In short answer - my inspiration from ZQ and the ZQC is smiles and laughter - as I take it from here and then spread it around to others around me by sharing a joke, a funny picture, a laugh, or even just a smile and a hug. :) (Thank you so much for all of that, too - that goes for everyone - as you have all brought smiles to my face several times). *huggies*
Done! :)
Toggle Commented May 5, 2010 on No title at Zachary Quinto
Welcome to the board, Marta! :) Glad to have you hear and look forward to getting to know you more. Have a great day/night!
Zach sings Here Comes the Sun?!?!?!? Really - wow, would love to hear that. I shall find it and play it. :D Just a happy day song...reminds me of spring and summer after a long winter of cloud and rain. :) I will keep that handy bit of advice for doing as they are told for later. Great tip! hehe :)
I even play air guitar while singing along with Sloan. haha My daughter thinks I am hilarious - for now. Soon, she will be mortified, I am sure. ;)
1.Favourite happy song. Here Comes the Sun - Beatles 2.Favourite sad song. Hallelujah - KD Lang 3.Favourite song to bust a move/a hip joint to. Right now: Alejandro - Lady Gaga. This changes all the time though. 4.Favourite song to... Continue reading
Posted May 4, 2010 at Zachary Quinto
Yep - Jo Bob is right. Tis one of my favs. :)
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BEFORE/AFTER QUESTIONS! 1. Who is your favorite character or characters? I loved the clowns...oh my goodness, that was intense. :) 2. Which part would you like to have seen more of the story the most? I would have loved to... Continue reading
Posted May 4, 2010 at Zachary Quinto
Lynn added a favorite at Zachary Quinto
Apr 28, 2010
Lynn added a favorite at Zachary Quinto
Apr 28, 2010
LOL That was awesome! hahaha I really got a laugh out of that - she is going to remember that for the rest of her life. How incredible great that ZQ did that. hehehe :) Totally jealous - but my reaction would be the exact same as hers. hahaha
It's okay, Sarahi. :) *hugs* To be honest, I forgot this even happened yesterday, but it takes a lot of courage to come back and apologize when you realize you may have hurt someone's feelings. I think you need to go and take care of you! Most definitely see your doctor and hopefully, all will be better soon. Sending out copious vibes to you for health. You are in my thoughts.
I have snuggied my daughter's head the exact same way. Still do, in fact. This post reminds me of those moments. Very sweet.
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2010 on No title at Zachary Quinto
I am so sorry, LisaM. :( I am going through a similar situation with my father right now (wasting away before my eyes, has no muscular structure left, severe anemia to point of blood transfusions, can't feed himself and I am looking into care homes for him but thinking that he is not going to be able to hang on any longer - his poor little body is so weak and tired). My heart is with you during this time, it truly is. It is so hard to even think about losing a parent, I cannot imagine what it feels like, nor do I want to. All I can say is do what your instincts are telling you to. If your gut is telling you to go, then go. All of us are here for you when you need it, whether it be for a smile, a laugh, a cry or a screen to vent to. Many, many hugs and vibes to you and your Mom...I do hope all turns out well. *hugs*
I lowered myself even further and sent a shout out to Perez Hilton to run the vid on his site...he probably won't but was worth the try. He has a ton of visits to his site every day - the exposure would be grand scale. *shrug* I am ashamed to say that I used to read that site, too. *embarrassed*
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LOL Love it!
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I don't quite understand why he wouldn't ask for support from his fans...? I am a little confused about that...he does a low budget, indie flick and asks for some support in spreading the word. Isn't that how those indie flicks get a wider fan base - by word of mouth? If it were not for us spreading the word on not only this, but all other indie flicks that we enjoy, how would they ever get anywhere? If you choose not to, I am sure he is not going to care. He just asked for support from those that wanted to. I just see it as the least I can do to show my support (and I chose to do it because it was a good flick in my opinion). I also see it as a show of gratitude as well for all that he has given to us as well. But that's just my 2 cents.
Yep, I get chewed out for the same reason by my MD. hehe I have high blood pressure though, instead of low, then it kind of levels out and I ease up on my diet and vitamins and whammo-blammo, up it goes then I remember and fix it. I get the same lectures from my doc too. haha :) Oh well - I am glad you got it under control and are feeling a bit better! :D *vibes for better bp readings and health*
LOL That is really cute! :)