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Thanks for the great tips! I actually just did my first video blog and this past week I was sick so I opted to skip it. I love that you give tips on equipment too, some points that other people wouldn't touch on!!
Hey there, Just wanted to stop by, looking for rainbow ideas for my daughter's 4th birthday party, saw your pancakes. Let me just say just because you're a blogger and put yourself out there doesn't mean people have the right to treat you horribly. Unfortunately, I think it's so much easier being faceless and being able to say those things on the internet rather than in person. Anyway, I hope you are growing a thicker skin against attacks and realize that you shouldn't take anything people say personally. Best wishes with your blog!!
Toggle Commented Jan 3, 2011 on Things Successful Bloggers Do at i am mommy
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Great post!! Got some good ideas for DaddyB!! Did you ask for any of these goodies??
I love the composter, how cool is that!! And you sous vide?? I'm impressed!
This will be the first year that we are having Thanksgiving in our own home, so this post helps so much!! Thanks for posting these great turkey tips!
Toggle Commented Nov 18, 2010 on It's a YouTube Thanksgiving at Life Scoop
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Nov 18, 2010