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I am curious to know how often or to what extent a producer will get involved in the creative aspect of a show? Do producers completely trust the creative genius of the playwright or does a producer have influence in this? Is it ever appropriate to interfere with an artists art? Or does the producer have to have absolute faith in the artists/creators vision?
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I am so sick of "News" trying to push moral outrage with topics that are not outrageous. I know people get sucked in and want to rally for a cause, until you point out to them - how ridiculous it is - that its not a worthy cause at all and certainly not outrageous. Thank you for writing this. Thank you for calling him out and bringing perspective to this nonsense. Something that seems to get lost with some reporters. (and I SWEAR, I am NOT going to google your name to see nudies! I swear! lol)
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Sep 18, 2011