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Monarch Ross
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Hello David, I have become hooked on this podcast and wait for each new podcast from my home in Canada. I've enjoyed English history for years, whether it was because more seemed to happen on your side of the pond, or because there was no test afterwards, I don't know. I've enjoyed hearing your spirited and insightful views and I like that you don't claim to know more than you do. You have filled in a lot of areas that I had found difficult to fill in on my own. My seemingly unprompted chuckles, as I listen to the podcasts on my earphones, have startled my family more than once, and their looks of concern only make it worse. So thank you for all your work; from the changing economy to the everyday life and culture I wouldn't lose a thing. Keep up the good work! Happy New Year from the Colonies!
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Jan 7, 2012