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I'm not feeling the hate that the rest of you are having for Starr, and the Starr and Michael pair-up. Michael is still grieving for Abby, and Starr is grieving (albeit angrily) for Cole and Hope. I think KA is doing a fine job and I'm very glad to see her on GH, though I wish they didn't feel the need to kill Hope. It might have been better to have her come to PC as an aspiring singer - maybe open up the old recording studio and have Ned be her new manager? I had a crazy thought about the connection between John and Sam. Yes, they are probably alluding to their past as vampires on PC, but I started thinking that they could also be siblings. Maybe old Tom McBain hooked up with Alexis back in the day... hey, SOMEBODY has to be Sam's father. Why not? Alexis could say to John in passing "I knew a McBain once. A long time ago... " Of course, a Sam/John hookup would free up Jason for Elizabeth (I'll never give up hope for them), but John belongs with Natalie and I'd better not have to come out there and make sure he stays with her! LOL! Why isn't Lulu being more supportive of Maxie? When Lulu had her breakdown, Maxie was right there supporting her. That has been bothering me. Everyone calls Maxie selfish, including Maxie herself, but she's actually more thoughtless than selfish. She can actually be a very generous person - certainly more generous than Lulu. Bad friend, Lulu. Bad friend!
Toggle Commented Apr 2, 2012 on Funny Feelings at Serial Drama
Did anyone else think it was a very sparsely attended wedding reception? And of those who did attend, most left early. After all of the upset over the flooding of the venue, they actually could have had the whole thing in Sonny's fake restaurant or his living room or, heck, even at Dante's itty-bitty studio apartment.
Toggle Commented Feb 26, 2011 on So Much Dumbassedness at Serial Drama
Am I the last one to notice that Reva Shane now has a grandson named Shane? It didn't click for me until she was babysitting him today. My only defense is that Shane hasn't been on much and I often get distracted during OLTL wondering why Clint seems to love the kids who aren't biologically related to him (Kevin, Joey, Messica), but is rather indifferent to Natalie, and hates Rex and David.
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2011 on School Time In Llanview at Serial Drama
Cam's grandfather Cameron died in a fire. Maybe there is a connection there... Like maybe he's the reincarnation of the elder Cameron and every time he sees fire, he relives his death in his previous life. This makes him angry and he starts fires to destroy other lives. Bwah hahahahahhhh!
Toggle Commented Nov 6, 2010 on Enjoyment Amid The Turmoil at Serial Drama
Nat is showing out to THERE, and Jessica almost had the paternity test done a week or so ago, so I'm wondering why the hell she hasn't had the test yet. Ohhh! Now it all becomes clear. They finally figured out a way to give Susan Haskell the possibility of meaty scenes where she's all mean, scary and threatening. Ok. But wait! Instead of drawing it out and having her blackmail Nat, Marty is all "the jig is up - John figured it out" (because he is all-knowing and smells the truth on the wind), totally killing Natalie's sad, big-eyed attempts to keep the door open for a possible was-it-Marty-or-was-it-Cole dilemma. So now Marty is going to be a mama grizzly (ugh!) and take a big chomp out of Nat? Really? I liked Blair's idea better. Stick Marty in St. Anne's with Hannah Bananas. Since Marty "knows" the truth about Nat and Brody (because she is all-knowing and smells the truth on the wind) and she's going to tattle. Well, Nat, go get that test and take the wind out of her sails! Yeah, right. I can dream. :-P I'm really hoping Brody isn't the father of either of the Buchanan twins' babies. I'm still pulling for him to go neck and neck with Lucky Spencer for the prize for the highest number of children their significant others have with other men. Wouldn't that be a cool trophy? LOL!
So I can delete 16 episodes from my DVR. I was just waiting for someone to tell me that something interesting happened. Now that TK is back, I've got at least something to stop the FF on. Also, thanks for telling me that Jesse was kissing Angie's belly button. That is NOT what it looks like in the screen cap.
Toggle Commented Oct 24, 2010 on Reunions and Rylee: A Recap at Serial Drama
How are you guys not getting this? Echodisavoy is Rex's DADDY! She used to be a MAN, baby! LOL!
That last picture is the biggest (but certainly not the only) reason why I'm 11 episodes behind - and counting. Ugh! Why can't Ryan just marry someone, stay married to her, and leave all of the other women alone so they can have happy, successful relationships? Oh, and he has to stop getting Kendall in trouble. And stop talking. And looking at things. And just stop. Yeah. Just stop.
I really liked Melissa Archer's scenes today. Her sisterly bantering with Rex, her covering up her concern for Starr so Vicki wouldn't worry, her sympathy for Todd, and her quiet terror for her cousins as she left to bring the blood samples to the hospital (though I thought they had a lab at the station -- but Greg isn't rambling about Tea back at the station...). I thought she did a nice job and I could see her heart in her eyes. It's been a while and it was great to see her shine again.
Remember when Eli hung Ross from a meat hook? Good times...
Toggle Commented Oct 7, 2010 on Close the Deal, Eli! at Serial Drama
"And Brenda, for the love of god, please change your jacket. You look ridiculous." I am so glad you called her out on this! When I first saw her, I thought she had walked out of the makeup chair with those napkin thingies (they keep the makeup off of the clothing) still tucked around her collar.
Toggle Commented Oct 7, 2010 on The Pains and the Great One at Serial Drama
I am totally shallow because I'm happy just looking at the elder two Ford boys. I was so distracted by James's cuteness that I missed the whole pirate costume thing. Ford was so cute, all vulnerable and sad, that I missed most of what he said. Shameful, I know. I agree that the reveal about Tea being alive should have waited until after the custody hearing. Way to kill the suspense! It wasn't really a shock that she's just taking a long nap, but still... What is the deal with AJ...errr...Ross's hair? Did they use all of the stylist and product budget on the Ford boys?
I was just thinking the same thing! Ugh! Much as I'd rather have a burning hot poker stuck in my eye than watch Sonny and Claire together, I can at least enjoy them separately. Brook Lynn is just awful no matter what. I could have forgiven her working for Carly and trying to seduce Dante, but drugging Dante put her in the cusp of irredeemable, and following it up by stealing from Edward put her over the edge. Since she's not even a successful schemer, we can't even enjoy her evil antics. It's like Guza wants us to feel sorry for her, the poor unsuccessful temptress and conwoman. Really?!? Not gonna happen. I am loving Jason and Brenda - their scenes are the best these days - but I don't get why Jason didn't just walk away when Murphy asked to talk to him about his "relationship" with Brenda. I was hoping he would give him the stonecold contemptuous stare and then walk away. Does that make me mean? What did Murphy ever do to me? Oh, right. He put me into a coma with his insipid scenes with Brenda.
BJ has totally explained the "Undercover Lucky" s/l! "He has to pretend to be an assassin because those are the people that are worth screen time and worth writing for." If only this wasn't such a plausible explanation...
I hate Ryan. The only thing that might make him worth watching is if they make his aneurism change his personality and make him evil. Now that David AND Adam are gone they need a bad guy. Wouldn't it be great to see Ryan running around town doing big evil, but no one suspects him because he's Ryan and everyone knows that Ryan is a "great guy" ?
Toggle Commented Sep 15, 2010 on Confessions of a Dangerous Mind at Serial Drama
I wanted to see Pam dig Eric out of the cement. Can you just imagine her doing eenie meenie minie moe or a coin toss to pick the right pit. Or, better yet, she chooses the wrong one and has to push Russell back under! Sam is just ruined for me. I am so disappointed. Eric was awesome, though, wasn't he? I love him so much ! He is extra awesome for bringing Alcide back. Sookie was mostly great during this episode, except for when she invited Bill in after specifically uninviting him. Sometimes I think that girl got hit with the stupid stick as a child. It was fun watching Bill fly out the door when she re-uninvited him, though. Russell! I thought Eric would turn him over to the AVL to make Godric (GODRIC!) happy. They could have had a trial or tribunal or something and we could have had more Russell (RUSSELL!). Oh well. Does anyone else think that Ryan Kwantan looks like George W. Bush lately? It's kind of weirding me out. I wish Alan Ball had stuck closer to the way Charlaine Harris wrote Hot Shot (which is mostly "off screen"), if he had to include it in the show at all. I was so disappointed that so much of the precious short time allotted to the finale (should have been 2 hours!) was spent on that "storyline." I thought I had finally seen the last of creepy old men in dirty underwear when Sam's parents left town. How do I purge this from my retinas?
I think Langston must have picked up a psychology course during the summer. Did you guys catch how she started analyzing Ford? She was calling him on is (totally obvious) mommy issues and he was all "Duh, what?" It was hilarious! I was cheering Matthew one when he faked the fall. I know Destiny doesn't approve, but I think it's nice that at least someone takes David's advice to heart. I can't help it - I love Starr and James together. I thought James guarding her stuff was a little contrived, but I agree with Bianca that he's charming. I just want to give a big smooch! Did anyone else think the ultrasound of Natalie's baby had John's nose?
Toggle Commented Sep 11, 2010 on And Brody Gets An Incomplete at Serial Drama
It's much more entertaining if you read Brenda's dialog with a flat, sarcastic tone. Try it - it's how she should have said it, and makes so much more sense.
James can read?
Toggle Commented Sep 3, 2010 on Seriously? at Serial Drama
"WHORES LIKE ROME." OMG! I can't breathe!
Toggle Commented Sep 3, 2010 on Anatomy Of A Freakout at Serial Drama
Louise, I haven't watched this episode yet (I'm 3 episodes behind), but I couldn't stop myself from risking spoilers by reading your post. Hilarious! I always love your observations and your screen shots, but when I read "Eli's eyebrows feigned a look of hurt shock" and saw the accompanying picture, it just sent me screaming to the floor with laughter! You are awesome!
Toggle Commented Sep 3, 2010 on If Looks Could Kill at Serial Drama
Hey, small world! My brother went to college with Jimmy Fallon (Go Golden Knights!) and my dad lived in his home town back in the day (across the river from MY hometown - Go Riders!). It's fun to see him doing so well! As for True Blood, has anyone else been enjoying Jessica's blog? It's my second favorite blog to visit on post-episode Mondays! I'm scared that I will be disappointed in the finale. I know - silly, right? I've never been disappointed in the previous finales. Why am I so scared? It's just that there is just so much still going on and such a LONNNNGGGGG wait until next season. How can a 1-hour episode keep me satisfied over such an extended hiatus? Oh, my heart! Yvetta, charge the paddles!
I guess I'm the only one (besides Robin) who is not enjoying Lisa. I'm hoping that Lucky was only humoring the crazy lady and will believe Robin - especially since Maxie already reported Lisa's Fatal Attraction.
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2010 on Songs In The Key of CRAZY at Serial Drama
@Bourgeois Nerd - there was a weregerbil community long ago, but one of Crystal's ancestor's thought they were tasty and wiped them out during a late night snack. Great blog entry this week, Mallory! You don't need the screen captures - your writing covered it all deliciously! Sam is so dark! Completely unrecognizable - I'm not sure I like it, but at least his family wasn't on this week. Ugh! Except for Tommy. I loved the way Jessica just lobbed him into the forrest like he was a football or something. I wish I could do that to all of life's little annoyances. Eric must have locked Sookie up in his basement of pain to keep her safe. I refuse to believe anything else. I kind of liked Lafayette and Jesus's V funhouse ride. I didn't catch everything they said, so it was kind of confusing. I didn't want to rewind and ruin the flow of the episode, so I'll have to catch it later. Still, I got the gist and it was WEIRD! Bill is annoying - sometimes I wish I could "uninvite" him off of my TV. Thank you Jason!