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Wait. The thing is you took your kid out of a crappy school and transferred him to a better one. And more than 1/3 of all the kids at Zilker are transfers from other crappy schools, so now - of course - Zilker's going to be a better school. This is not a tough thing to figure out. Zilker only has 35% economically disadvantaged kids, which is about 30% better than AISD overall. Plus it's full of parents who are savvy enough to know they can transfer their kids, wealthy enough to have a mother who can participate in the school instead of work full time, and capable of driving their kids to school and picking them up. Zilker is at 114% capacity - not exactly a smaller school. You've said you simply made a judgment that a Title 1 school just isn't the right fit for your child. So what child IS the right fit for a Title 1 school? None! All children deserve a small, nurturing environment. No child deserves a school with a drill master principal, poor test scores and "kids with diamond rings" whatever that means. If Zilker closes, where will you send your child? Where will all the Zilker transfer kids go? Back to their home schools? What would happen at those home schools if all you transfer parents actually stayed at your home schools? What would you ask of your school then? I have a first-grader at Patton Elementary and a preschooler, and I want a better school for my children, too. We'll probably move. But I admit if I do move or try to transfer him that I'm deserting Patton and AISD. I'm not sure if I'll actually do it yet or if I can afford it. But I wish all the kids in AISD had equal access to great schools and great parents - even if they're not their own - like you.
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Feb 17, 2011