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Monica Hamburg
Live in Vancouver, BC
Interests: Social Media, Film, Psychology
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re: update - Had you not come up with your Soylent green joke the actor would never have come up with his (better) joke :) Or at least that's what I tell myself in these situations.
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I'm impressed that you still liked that movie now. I recall thinking Mannequin was absolutely amazing... at 10. Apparently, it's no good. But it inspired me to look longingly at dummies in windows, which has the added bonus of creeping out people in stores. As for #3 - I think that's what every film teaches you. I've also learned from films that when a gal is so klutzy she walks into signposts, that's ADORABLE. I have no idea why my dates never found that so endearing.
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I never saw the original film but remember the line from the recurring joke/parody on Saturday Night Live (Phil Hartman played Charlton Heston's character). I vote for: keep it.
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Wonderful. Thank You. One of my favorite movies that Falling Down. And awfully relatable... (er, except for the crime spree, of course;) The "getting ready for a date that she couldn't process my rental and it would take 15 minutes" is a classic. Wow. Bell - don't get me started... Ikea - same problem - but I'd be grateful if I could even get there - I'm still stuck in The Bay... It is painful with the "upsell" deals as it is the head office that expects them to recite the pitches - and likely have someone call/come in to make sure they are doing it... I was in line for the movies with of my friends, a very patient guy and an avid cineophile. He sees movies as much as he can and knows the combo deal (popcorn+bucketofsludge etc.) as well as anyone. Finally after what must have been the 300th time he'd heard the spiel, he interrupted with a polite but exasperated "yes, I'm familar with the package... The smiling thing, yeah I was just thinking about that the other day... See we have this great little cafe nearby but everytime I go in there and order, the owner doesn't smile. I've tried everything short of a song & dance & no go.. What's the deal? I feel like he's doing me a favour by taking my order - or I'm not "artistic" looking enough for the place... Dunno... I'm a very patient person & am easy to deal with - but I'm with you - sometimes it's like "uh, Customer. Service. I shouldn't be expected to serve you..." P.S. Jonathan Narvey had an interesting post about an awful experience lately.
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Damn you! You are keeping me from getting work done with this stuff :)
Toggle Commented Feb 7, 2008 on Canada's Top 10 Ad Campaigns at Buzz Canuck
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