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Monica Sheldon
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hello dawn, I love your blog because i get so many ideas even from the smallest. it givesd me so much i can do and thank you so much for sharing. love you and your blog Monica
I love this card dawn. any chance of a video on this also?? thank you.
I love your blog as I always check it all the time. I love the valentine holder made out of 2 boxes, which I will have to try myself. what a cool idea. thanks for a chance in the blog candy also.
Toggle Commented Jan 18, 2011 on Blog Candy at Chic' n Scratch
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I love the card and the painting of your daughter. that is one great painting and she did a wonderful job. faces are hard to do even if you draw. I looked at the pics of hubbys head and the staples also. not bad considering. too bad they didn't put in desolveing stitches instead. I had 16 stitches on my mouth when i had a fight the concret step. I know how he feels. happy new year to you all.
beautiful design. I have never asian before but this is pretty.
love the cards. so cute.
Toggle Commented Nov 30, 2010 on Block Greetings and Mugs & Kisses at Hop Art Studio
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I love your blog. I am thankful for my husband. without I would not be able to get far like i have since going blind and deaf. I went from being able to see to walking with a sight cane for the blind and wearing 2 hearing aides. Its with my husbands support that i can go on as he always make sure I get the help i need.
hello dawn, I love your blog as i come to it first thing. love all your videos and your upbeat attitude also. :) Love how you showed the wreath and tell laurie thank you as i will havew to try it out. thanks again.
Toggle Commented Nov 21, 2010 on Christmas Wreath video at Dawns Stamping Studio
I love seeing the card. I have been waiting on the video and seeing it now makes me want to try it out. thank you for a great blog also. love it. love your happiness in the videos also. makes my day.
Toggle Commented Nov 11, 2010 on Embossing resist video ... at Dawns Stamping Studio
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Nov 11, 2010