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Kendall Egan, Katy Glassberg, Laura Slack, Young Kim - 4 out of 7 BOE members are former PTO heads. Do not mistake the PTO as a noble institution. It delivers the budget vote for Ed Shine and you'll find special interests and elite entitlement trumping community values. The remaining 3 members of the BOE are parents with children in the district. Most in elementary or middle school. Yet an overwhelming majority of residents in Rye do not have children in the district. The percentage of parents with school-age children who choose educate their children outside of the RCSD is substantial. Ed Shine talks a good game when it comes to respecting all the "stakeholders" but.... So why isn't there a stipulation that the BOE should represent the demographics of the town of Rye?
The mantra for a more sustainable future is "Reduce, Re-use, Recycle". None of these values are exemplified in this allegedly green home. Reduce is at the top of the list for a reason. Usually, those encouraging and inspiring others to live with smaller carbon footprints see a connection with the rest of the world, including humans and social justice issues - not just whales, koalas, and green ways to indulge one's self. For anyone really interested in examining how personal lifestyle choices can affect the rest of the world, I recommend ethicist Peter Singer's 1999 article on world poverty. It's typically ironic that the Rye House Tour is supposed to support programs for young adults who come from families that have not focused on amassing money for money's sake. The tour is one big consumer envy fest. Where are the homes with books, instruments, warm kitchens that exude the charism of community? No real families live in these homes. The one year I went on the tour with a friend and her toddler, the guards - or are they dosants? - were very nervous that a 2-year-old was dancing in the foyer. The house tour is only green in that it is green with envy for the unenlightened. is now following The Typepad Team
May 28, 2010