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love this: the right blend of frustrated optimism... here's to mustering a sense of urgency.
yup.. too much of our energy/time on defense. not enough on offense.. on living/doing/being. a gentle seque into chaos. love it Simon.. thank you.
Toggle Commented Jul 2, 2011 on You Are Allowed at Re:Focus
thank your words/insight John. i hadn't seen Wadah's talk. i love when he said with such passion - at this point in time - the youth are the wisest for making change. and i think what you write is huge in that regard: confronting and opposing the obstacles to sustainability.. i think change is going to happen, but i believe we can hasten it by acting as the parents that Wadah talked about did, and rather than taking our kids home as requested, going and standing with them. we need to unleash, give permission, so that the youth of today are free to spend their hours on things that matter. i believe all policy will change as a result. Penelope Trunk posted what i think is a great summary of the generations: Baby boomers changed politics, Gen X changed family, Gen Y changed work, and Gen Z will change education. i guess i feel the passion of Wadah on a daily basis. the youth are wise. we compromise that wisdom by not believing in them. we compromise that belief by thinking we're protecting them - by taking them home. here's to giving them a voice. i love your 3 t's. helping them create ways to expose their tacit knowledge through trust based relationships as they develop their talents.
so much - that we really have no imagination of. thank you Bernd for sharing both your wisdom and your heart. please do take care.
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nice Simon. i recently revisited Bill Strickland's TED:; well worth the 35 min as he, like you, reminds us to look like the solution not the problem.
Toggle Commented Mar 15, 2011 on Say What You Are Not What You're Not at Re:Focus
on a lesser scale - i resonate with what you write here. on a ginormous scale Simon - i thank you deeply for the energy/focus/insight you freely give. often at great sacrifice. warm regards.
great insight for education.. thank you Simon.
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2011 on Good Marketing vs. Bad Marketing at Re:Focus
perfect. hey Ewan.. it is that simple. we just need to get everyone connected. i know Sugata feels the same. please take a look at what Kosta is doing in that regard if/when you can
bravo Ewan. i love what you are doing. thank you for sharing. wish i could be at your conference. i'm hoping/assuming it will be archived. over the course of the last two years, especially this year in the lab, we've gone through several girations similar to your passion, planning, and provocation projects. what we've been experimenting with, in regard to focusing on resources that matter, namely people: and in regard to a basis for self-organization:
holy cow Simon. spot on.
Toggle Commented Dec 3, 2010 on How To Measure Success at Re:Focus
love this... like a mash-up of @ezuckerman's global voices and stanford's @peacedot and and... thank you Simon..
Toggle Commented Nov 13, 2010 on To Find The Truth, Look Somewhere Else at Re:Focus
i love your site Katie.. would love to steal you... maybe you can feed us. Simon - daily inspiration here - you are feeding us. just watched your Ted like 5 times. i totally agree with Katie's home page. i have been in ed 20 years - i see the 80% daily. we believe there is a better way to spend 7 hours a day. we believe we all want to do good but we are trapped in rules/systems/organizations. we believe if we are freed to be ourselves - we will learn and give back stuff that matters. public ed involves a massive amount of people. help us and make the world a better place. {very bold to post a site on your site Simon... i know. my why is not only the reason i get up exhilarated every day... seeking a scalable change... it keeps me up at night. my why gnaws at my keeps me starving and craving ...and bold.}
Toggle Commented Aug 3, 2010 on Movement at Re:Focus
after talking with the bio prof... i started trying to imagine ways to clarify intent of verbage. so much time is spent (wasted even) debating semantics... if we want the time together to matter.. or time in review to matter.. we should make key verbage very clear. i wondered about even a short interview after each session. perhaps - on down the line - we could even program in a way to detect "hot words" or "topics." then after, the program (or a person) would ask for a note (clarification) of intent from the speaker - to be tagged to the conversation when it shows up.
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so - while listening to a recording... or during the live take - you could be pushing those buttons as a tag?..
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