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thanks so much for this tutorial, it was very helpful. Although I am still having problems with deleting the dock after I "x" it out. So I am using this new command to be able to dock an existing UI we have created (it was created in 2008, we just upgraded to 2011 and it works fine, now I'm just trying to add this fancy new feature) when I use the -vcc flag to close the window when I "x" it out it also deletes it when I un-dock the window (it actually crashes Maya). Is there a way of being able to delete the window when it is docked and un-docked? also, I have tried putting in a check at the beginning of the opening of the UI which is like this: if( `dockControl -q -io myDock` ) { deleteUI -control myDock; return; } When I run that check at the begining I get this error: Object 'myDock' not found. Any ideas on a way around this?
Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2012 on dockControl part 2: adv. usage at Maya Station
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Feb 22, 2012