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"Also, I was motivated by a sort of "youthful idealism" that led me to believe bridging the gap between believers and atheists was possible." Oh it's possible, just not on any grand scale as of yet. I can't remember if I ever pointed you in this direction: Some really good discussions go on there between people of all sorts of world views.
Toggle Commented Dec 22, 2009 on Why I Do What I Do at the warfare is mental
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Damned theists, infiltrating our organization. Oh, wait. ;-) It will be interesting to see if this brings in more readers. Congrats! By the way, I appreciate you embracing the agnostic nature of theism. I made a comment to a fundamentalist Christian on Facebook this morning that despite their certainty they would not know for certain if they were right until they died and proceeded to meet their maker or just cease to exist.
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I fully agree, if someone were to have never been presented with the concept of God, it would be totally irrational to proclaim your disbelief in something you've never heard of. Of course atheism is a reaction to theism. If there were no theists there would be no atheists, it would be a totally unnecessary position. Just like if there was no such thing as meat, there would be no need to declare ones self to be a vegetarian.
Toggle Commented May 11, 2009 on A Sustainable Conclusion? at the warfare is mental
1 reply seems I was posting as Monolith aka Mikey, weird, haven't used that variation in a while. Pine -- "More complex than biology? That's funny." I did not say it was more complex than biology. I said the question of who God is makes it a more complex answer. Pine -- "Why then is it argued that any simpleton can see the flaws in theistic reasoning, while it is at the same time maintained that only the well-educated can properly understand biological science?" I don't know, maybe you should ask some one that argues that?
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Well, that's another way to put it. ;-)
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To say that God is the answer and leave it at that is indeed simple. However, answering the questions what is God, who is God, or which god, make it decidedly more complex.
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