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Scott Monty
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Not entirely true, Joseph. The Wall is still readily available to anyone who'd like to see it. You just can't see the contest. Facebook Pages are built on the premise that the Wall is always public.
Toggle Commented Apr 24, 2011 on Hawking for Likes at Jaffe Juice
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John, nice list. But you're missing The Ford Story, which has been in place since December 2008. Scott Monty Global Digital Communications Ford Motor Company
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Great reminder, Katie. But the real conundrum for corporations isn't the monitoring aspect; it's how can a company credibly change its own Wikipedia entry, without backlash from the Wikipedia community that values unbiased perspectives in its entries? Or put another way, how can a corporation, which may have a better grasp of some of the facts, be respected and accepted in this environment? Having an agency change it for them is a slippery slope, and employee engagement is questionable based on Wikipedia's rules. There's certainly the fan base, but unless the fans are rabidly following the news, there may be some errors on the page that the company would find before the fan. I can't see companies issuing alerts or advisories to fans, asking them to help correct the entries on a regular basis. Have you heard of a reasonable way to approach this? Scott Monty Global Digital Communications Ford Motor Company
You ask what martial arts are doing in a Sherlock Holmes film; in fact, it's lifted from the original stories. Holmes knew baritsu (actually Bartitsu), a form of Japanese martial arts. See In addition, Holmes was known to be an expert in single stick and boxing. Doyle himself wrote that. Scott Monty, BSI Member, the Baker Street Irregulars
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2009 on Review: ''Sherlock Holmes'' at Reeling
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Dec 23, 2009