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Marilyn McGuire
Lake Forest Park
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Jul 27, 2019
J., The map turned out just great! Can't wait to see it in person. Love the Barred Owl carrying the legend.
This is very exciting that Pomegranate is producing these two paintings as note cards. Next I want them to make a whole calendar of your woodblocks!
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I love the poster, Molly. It turned out just great! Inspiring for buddy artists at the King Co. library!
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Yay! They look really nice!!
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This is so cool, Molly!! I'm really looking forward to class!
Toggle Commented Mar 30, 2012 on A Scold of Jays at Molly Hashimoto
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Thanks for posting my pictures, Molly!
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It's fun to see what the tree class has been working on! Really nice!
Toggle Commented Mar 14, 2012 on Watercolor Trees: Students' Work at Molly Hashimoto
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Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2012 on Over the Rainbow at Molly Hashimoto
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These are really gorgeous, Molly!
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Great show, Molly!!
Toggle Commented Oct 31, 2011 on Nature's Peace Calendar at Molly Hashimoto
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This photo doesn't do it justice! I hope you post the finished project. It's beautiful!
Really nice, Jocelyn! I see that you posted this back in August! I guess I haven't taken a look at your blog in awhile...
Marilyn McGuire added a favorite at Jocelyn Curry Lettering and Illustration
Jun 19, 2011
Gorgeous!! Wish I had been there!
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I really love this etching, Molly!
Toggle Commented May 30, 2011 on More Intaglio Experiments at Molly Hashimoto
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Love your sketches!! You are so right about needing to be a rapid sketcher in NYC. Life moves on at a clip there and waits for no one! Your drawings are lively and so full of movement. You captured the mood perfectly in the Baby Soda sketch.
These are beautiful, Molly! Pacific NW at it's finest!
Toggle Commented May 21, 2011 on Cascades Foothills Springtime at Molly Hashimoto
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May 18, 2011
These two paintings are so lovely!
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I wondered if that was you! Two covers in one week!! I tried to find the cover credit but couldn't locate it. Probably just missed it. Congratulations!!
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2011 on North Cascades Institute Catalog at Molly Hashimoto
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Molly, As you know I love this print. It looks great on the DS catalogue. Congrats! Marilyn
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Molly, Wish I'd known you were going to be on Whidbey. I could have suggested 2 great walks and a wonderful place to have lunch! Next time...
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