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Just about anyone’s tweets can be cherry-picked to disparage the tweet-er. I think Rove is right about Palin and Kinsey is right to agree. The Reagan example doesn’t quite work—he already had a background in Hollywood---and if he didn’t have that to overcome, maybe Carter would have never been President. Palin is unelectable. I like her. I like her stance. But she has no more of a chance of overcoming her negative media image (albeit largely unfair) than does Newt Gingrich. Nothing wrong with making money, but a reality show is a cheap way to do so—I agree with Rove, it’s a poor choice. Palin also showed poor judgment endorsing O’Donnell and perhaps Miller. O’Donnell will potentially cost us the Senate. Too bad. So many moderates do not like Palin. I don’t see how we can dismiss Rove’s comments. Set the personal stuff aside. I want a conservative who can win. You have to think from the point of view of the apolitical person---who they would vote for. In a weird, counter-intuitive way—the gains by the right may make Obama harder to beat in 2012. Just look at Clinton’s re-election---thanks to Gingrich we finally had a balanced budget and welfare reform---but Clinton gets the whole of the credit for it to this day! We need someone with NO NEGATIVES (fair or unfair). Palin cannot overcome her negatives. Punditry not the presidency, PLEASE!
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Oct 30, 2010