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I bought my copy a couple years back on a B&N gift card-became one of the most useful gifts ever, must say. I looked up different zip codes w/ the "find in-store" button at B&N & was able to find some stores in stock now near various locales across US--seemed to cover every region-seems like buying in store at B&N has a decent stock if the added $ & buying in-store is workable. The site I found not listed above was - came up in a search as having 3 to 6 used copies for a cheaper price range than B&N. I've had good luck with St. Marks being able to get books on special order for those in NYC area-and there's a few of the B&N's in NYC that have it in stock. I've been following the stayalive tag on Twitter which has amazed me @ all the good that can come from Twitter. Thank you for the books & the Twitter tag/tweets/blogs--I hope the info above can help someone a bit. (The 'net research late on a not-so-good evening helped me #stayalive - if I can find any other places to find the book in stock I'll post them in a lower-character-count post! :)
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Aug 14, 2010