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Donna (morganafq)
New Haven, CT
Purgation. Illumination. Union.
Interests: Reading, writing, promoting, Shakespeare, television, movies, getting healthy again
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Dec 15, 2009
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Dec 8, 2009
It was nice meeting you and Heather too! If you need any fliers from me you know where I am - I'm happy to help! :)
NEW "BREATHE 4 JOBS" FLIERS Hi all! In my effort to continually have fliers ready and able to to printed and used by all to promote Ryan however possible, I've made three new fliers that highlight and promote the "Breathe... Continue reading
Posted Nov 3, 2009 at Ryan Star
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Oct 17, 2009
That's an amazing picture! Thanks for putting it up! :)
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Donna (morganafq) added a photo at Ryan Star
Hi guys! I had an amazing time at the Ryan Star concert on Saturday in Providence, RI. I got the chance to meet a few people from this site and it was a real pleasure getting to know you guys more. Thanks to everyone I met - it was wonderful meeting you all. :) Ryan of course was his usual amazing self on stage. I'm really adoring the acoustic "Breathe" and hearing "Somebody's Son" was incredibly special as well. Ryan was really able to turn this crowd around and win them over. Before the show when I was doing promo in the club I got asked over and over again who this Ryan Star guy was, and when I told them he was the opening act all I got were blank stares. I'm just really happy that by the end of the night Ryan had a huge crowd of people around him and I saw many people with fliers and pictures getting signed. Ryan, you are just the sweetest guy in the world! Thank you for being so kind and taking the time to talk with me as much as you could. It was wonderful to see you again and thank you for being so gracious and kind. I also want to thank Dallin and Dan, both of whom I had the great pleasure of meeting that night as well. Thanks to you both for taking the time to stop and talk with me - you are both so very talented and it was wonderful to meet you both. I have the pictures of the promo I did that night up on Flickr in my Ryan Star Promo Gallery. Start here in the set and move forward to see it all: Unfortunately my picture with Ryan didn't come out - this is the picture he took with my mom. She's adores Ryan and wouldn't miss a show for the world. :) I want to take this opportunity to encourage everyone here again to get involved however you can in promoting Ryan. He needs our help to get his name and music out there and you really can make a difference. Whether it's online or in the physical world, you can help Ryan out with your efforts. I urge everyone to get involved with Atlantic's Street Team - they are wonderful people and I love working with them. I also urge anyone going to one of Ryan's shows to do whatever you can to promote him at the show. I've seen the reactions just simple fliers can have and I assure you it's worth the small amount of effort to promote him at shows. If you need fliers please check out my Flier Gallery on Flickr, or just get in touch with me via email or Twitter and I'll help however I can. Once again, thank you to Ryan and his band for another amazing night. Can't wait to see you all again soon! :) --Donna morganafq on Twitter
Oct 15, 2009
No, I don't. I only know what's up on the site ATM. I did see someone on Twitter mention a solo show in Ohio I think, but I've heard nothing of it. If there are more dates, they are news to me. :/
Hi all! Just a reminder that I have a slew of promotional fliers that I've put up in my Flickr Gallery in case anyone wants or needs some to help promote Ryan before or at an upcoming show. The URL... Continue reading
Posted Oct 7, 2009 at
I just put up a link to my new fliers for this tour in the "community" section here - check out the post and the fliers if you'd like to use them to help promote Ryan at any of these shows. :) --Donna
Toggle Commented Sep 25, 2009 on New Tour Dates With David Cook at Ryan Star
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Bah... forgot to add my contact info! You can find me on twitter as @morganafq or email me at Sorry about that! --Donna
PROMO MATERIALS FOR THE DAVID COOK TOUR Hi guys! As promised I come bearing promotional fliers I designed for anyone wanting to promote Ryan on the David Cook Tour. I have a generic 8x11 black and white full-sheet, a 5x7... Continue reading
Posted Sep 25, 2009 at
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Sep 23, 2009
Yes! Back in the Northeast! Count me in for the Providence, RI show. I'll promo the living hell out of it, don't you worry. ;) I'll get on making new fliers for everyone to use ASAP. :)
Toggle Commented Sep 22, 2009 on New Tour Dates With David Cook at Ryan Star
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Thank you, Bonnie! *blush* :)
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Sep 22, 2009
Hey all... I come bearing news about the release date for "11:59". I was just speaking to the folks at Atlantic and asked them which of the several release dates I had for Ryan's album was the correct one. Atlantic... Continue reading
Posted Sep 21, 2009 at
Donna (morganafq) added a favorite at
Sep 21, 2009
Wow! Thank you, Ryan! You're making me blush over here! :) You know I'm always here and happy to help. I have a HUGE stack of new materials that will be going up all over CT very soon. I am absolutely committed to getting your name out there as much as I possibly can. I also just want to say to everyone that the guys at Street Propaganda that run Ryan's street team are simply the best. They are great to work with and I've had nothing but fantastic communications with them on a number of topics. They are here to help and they will work with you to make sure Ryan gets the promotion he deserves. :) One last thing concerning the last picture Ryan posted of the stack of fliers. I should make it clear that those are NOT official materials. I designed, made and printed those myself for promo use at the Danbury, CT Collective Soul concert. I did get them looked at and approved by Atlantic but those fliers aren't theirs. I encourage anyone and everyone who might want to use those fliers to download the jpgs of them from my Flickr page - Ryan posted the link to it above. The fliers are dated in that they are still promoting the tour with Collective Soul - I will be making new ones soon that instead plug the downloadable materials and I'll post to link to the new fliers when they are done. Ryan... you are the best. Thank you for this sweet post. You made my day. :)
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Sep 11, 2009
That's fantastic! I really love that idea. :)
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Aug 29, 2009
This is truly beautiful and one of my favorite songs of yours. Thank you so much for sharing this incredibly sweet moment with us all. :)
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Aug 24, 2009
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Aug 23, 2009