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I found the section on altruism very interesting as well as the section comparing altruism, fairness and market interactions. I am curious as to how cultural differences would change Arrow's assertion on trust being a lubricant for exchange. I believe there are major differences between the need for trust in East Asian cultures and the assumed lack of trust in Western cultures on the topic of trade. From this paper I want to draw the comparison between Sympathy and Fairness. The Altruism and Fairness sections are extremely similar. I think that Sympathy is a feeling one human has towards another when something bad has happened to the other person. I would even argue that the person feels sympathetic because the action that has occurred is in a sense ‘unfair.’ In this case, sympathy would actually be a “natural sentiment toward fairness.” However, on this same note, why don’t capuchin monkeys that receive the “greater reward” share what they are given when they see other monkeys receiving less for the same work?
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Sep 16, 2014