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I'd like to see what you think of this Slate piece, which argues that the most hated companies tend to be those that don't actually sell what we actually want, but rather are intermediaries we need to get through to get what we actually want, which is pretty much the definition of anything having to do with transportation. That makes them vulnerable to getting blamed, harshly, when things go wrong, but never getting credit when things go right. A lot of entities need to have a better understanding of human nature. This goes beyond marketing and public relations. The blunt reality is, the facts on the ground just do not matter that much; what matters is understanding the factors that influence the perception of the facts, and how to influence those facts. And what the actual facts actually are is a much smaller factor than we'd often like to admit.
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She tried to spam me with a forklift! (100 nerd points if you get the reference)
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Apparently they didn't make any measurements of actual real-world cities, otherwise they might have found a saner model for them to present in the game and might have changed people's views on cities and suburbia, including their own.
Toggle Commented May 9, 2013 on how sim city greenwashes parking at Human Transit
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I've read that there's a limit to how many colors you can put on e.g. a system map and still have them stand out from one another to the human eye, but I think the link I may have gotten that from is dead. But I'm pretty sure the number is somewhere around 10, certainly less than 30.
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Proof that "the bus system map doesn't highlight the frequent network" is yet another case of #firstworldproblems. #ohsnap
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Jan 23, 2013