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Nick Morgan
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Hi John, My 7 year old just celebrated his first communion at our Catholic Parish on May 1st. It was a beautiful Mass and a very powerful emotional and spiritual experience for both him and I. He celebrated it with the other second graders that he does scouts and plays sports with. It brought back memories of my first communion many years ago. I agree with you that it is sad that so many Churches have reduced this Sacrament and it's importance to a "once a month tag-on", with no real significance beyond the immediate moment. I'm very grateful for the memory of mine and I'm sure my son will be too. He was just beaming when the time to receive Christ in the Eucharist came for all the first communicants. I'm convinced that the watering down of this sacrament by so many evangelical churches is grounded in nothing less than a reaction against the Roman Catholic Church rather than serious Biblical and theological reflection. God bless!
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May 10, 2010