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Charlie Griffith
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...I forgot to add that we overlook the close parallels of Muslim infiltration and subversion to those of Cold War Soviet Communism, with the actions of these practicing Muslims who are ingratiating themselves at Georgetown University, foe example, in our Nation's Capital. Their smiles and large donations towards subsidizing a university "Chair", etc, seem so very, very saccharine. There's not an ecumenical cell [unintended pun] in any practicing Muslims' body. How can there be? How can they straddle their Koran in such a hypocritical way? Are these "practicing Muslims" so elastic in their permissions and interpretations of their Koran that anything permissible so long as it advances their barbarisms? Apparently, yes, they are indeed that elastic. This is the aspect of our now worldwide enemy that we ignore at our peril.
Re: "..... undercut dialogue with Muslims who profess to reject those atrocities and the interpretation of Islam that underlies and justifies them? If they reject the jihadists’ understanding of Islam, why wouldn’t they welcome and applaud an honest discussion of that understanding of Islam, which presumably they oppose as much as I do?" This is the clue to massive hypocrisy on the part of these "Muslims".....How can practicing Muslims reject the jihadists' understanding of Islam? How can practicing Muslims" pick and choose which verses in their Koran they want to believe".