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Envia delivered >400Wh/kg cells. Problem with Envia was that the cells was degrading too fast. Envia still very much alive and is trying to fix problems. Sure chances are not very high, but non-zero.
Lithium sulfur would be the next big thing in battery world.
GOR: why waste energy on extremely inefficient electrolysis process? Do you understand how many coal burning plants should be build to account for inefficiencies of electrolysis? Compare it to directly charging the car... Take into account combustible nature of hydrogen! It is VERY dangerous. Hydrogen is much more flammable and combustible than gasoline. Compare it to batteries that are safer than gasoline! Why do you think we need dangerous, environmentally unfriendly and cost prohibitively expensive middleman, a hydrogen?
It is Chang'an, not ChangAnn. Or at the very least there is no double "n" at the end.
~300Wh/kg sodium ion cells might compete favorably with li-ion.
Si anode would add 40% MAXIMUM to specific energy. So 260Wh/kg cell might become 360Wh/kg one. But that is it. More realistic gravimetric percentage increase is around 20%-25%...
BYD is a worldwide leader in electric buses technology. With lots of sales on international markets. You could guess BYD is a leader for a reason.
In North America grows of plug-ins are exponential. 2011 -- 17k units 2012 -- 50k units first 2 months of 2013 - still increase 3x compared to first 2 months of 2012
About currently produced hydrogen FC. Elon Musk calls FC a "fools cells". And for a reason. Anyhow, where will hydrogen will come from? Sure from natural gas and from coal. That is where 99.999% of hydrogen currently comes from. And if someone decide to totally ignore economics and think of electrolysis from water, you can ask him why someone would need an extra middle man, hydrogen, so electricity --> hydrogen --> FC --> electricity? Instead of simply charging the batteries. And do not forget, 2 mil $$$ for single hydrogen filing station is nothing but theoretical estimated for best cases scenario... They would cost more then $2,000,000 each. When reality will hit. Probably much more. And US would need only 130,000 such stations. Sure what I said above is just top of the iceberg. Anyone with any intelligence should be able to go on and on. Safety, why keep highly flammable chemical that forms powerful explosions few feet from your children while driving? And hold it under insane pressure. And sure again list could go on and on. And if you could not continue this list - may be Musk's reference to fools could be applied to someone like you:)
Not true. There are large scale plants built already plus planned investments are counted by billions $$$...
Axion promote lead acid battery. But both li-ion and NiMH batteries are lasting longer while being lighter.
No that was Johnson Controls that wanted to void Karma contract. That is why Fisker was very much interested in Wanxiang taking over A123.
Bob Wallace: reality check, in the 3d quarter of 2012 li ion cells (18650 form factor) reached $120 per kWh. I believe Tesla already paying less then $180 for NCA chemistry(per kWh). If any major automotive manufacturer wanted to mass produce EVs, getting less $150 per kWh already possible.
What is the point of this article????????????????? Another sulfur–carbon composite cathode developed by Chinese already archived 1,130 mA·h·g–1 while this one have 1,144 mA·h·g–1 Yeah 1144 is bigger then 1130, a rounding error look at cycle life. Cathode discussed in this article drops to 700 while Chinese cathode drops to 900 mA·h·g–1 after first five cycles. And then after 50 cycles this one drops to 400. While Chinese one drops to 800 mA·h·g–1.
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Dec 5, 2012