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Kelly Morris
Kelly is a wife, mother to nine children and aspiring freelance writer.
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There are days when I want to just take the laptop, Blackberry, iPods and cellphone out to the end of the driveway and smash them with a large hammer. Other days, I know that technology is a part of life now. I can chose not to participate, however, the march will go on. I can choose to move up to Amish country, but then I loose any and all influence I could have for what's good in life. While my prayers are the only contribution I can make towards much of the smut found on the internet, I have to believe that our small lights of love, grace and encouragement to other women is worth it. And without our words, 'the other guys' win by default.
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Thanks for sharing! I, too, remember thinking that I would have 3 little girls, in my 20's and be done. Nothing like that happened. I only had 1 little girl in my 20's....wasn't the way I planned it at all. Most of life isn't what I had planned. Having no brothers growing up made it very difficult for me to see myself with sons. Nonetheless, I have 6 sons and I love being a 'boy mom' as well as having daughters. I agree with how you pointed out that sometimes we live life trying to fill in deficits from our own upbringing....been there. But it's today, not yesterday. God allows us to grow past those things and weave a completely new story in our lives and families. Kelly Morris
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Firemom, I checked out your blogs and feel like we have come kind of connection. I will be praying for you this weekend! Thanks for your thoughts, girl!
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I have a similar quilt story. When my second son was born, I saw a quilting show on TV one morning, they did the log cabin stitch. I've never quilted before, but I felt that what I saw was achievable. I promptly found some scraps of fabric, cut them, made squares and sewed those pups together. I was excited about making a baby blanket for this little boy. He's 14 now. However, my main reason for not completing the blanket wasn't procrastination, I just didn't know HOW to finish it. I fooled around with it for a few years, but I finally decided that this project needed to end. I bagged it up in an air-proof bag and put it up with my precious collection of baby memorabilia. Someday, when that son has a child, I'll give the topper to him and/or his wife to complete. My part is done. The love and effort was there, and I'm ok with it. Kelly Morris
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Thanks for your comments! I have often said that on my gravestone, I want written "Life just isn't at all what I expected"! I need plenty of grace and mercy as I continue to accept life on life's terms. Kelly
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Thanks, that's three hours of work! Kelly
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You go, girl!! My daughter lives in Chicago and ribs me all the time about living in 'hickville'. I'm forwarding this to her! Kelly
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I'll reply to Lauralee privately.
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Thanks for reading, Dena! I know we feel the same about this stuff. Kelly
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Jan 15, 2010