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I can well understand people feeling a longing to be in that world. I was amazed by the film's 3D environment (though I did find myself thinking of the cover of a 'Yes' album with all those floating rocks), but it occured to me that having a tangible link between creatures and plants was the chief difference between that world and this one. While I agree with Cameron's advice to take a walk in the woods, it requires an act of imagination and faith to make such a connection in this world. Our trees show no such electrical impulses connecting them, and while we can communicate at various levels with our horses, dogs and sometimes wildlife we have neither the degree of control or interaction that he Na'vi are able to take for granted. It seems that the yearning for that sense of connectedness is a vital element of the human psyche, and this is reflected in many of our world's religions and folk stories, where our present condition is conceived as being a diminshed state of some previously harmonious existence and we are trying (to quote Joni Mitchell) " get ourselves back to the Garden." It is not depression some people are feeling, it is an awakening. A film or story can only stir us if we already have something in us to be stirred.
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Jan 18, 2010