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Wanda - I love your style! I especially love the bee card, and the gold hexagon paper in the background - who makes that paper?
What a fabulous blog candy you are offering - anyone would be thrilled to win this one! Can't wait to see the new Stamp Club stamps!
Toggle Commented Sep 29, 2011 on THE MAGNOLIA DAY 8/10 - 2011 at Magnolia Inspiration
Love the new look on the blog - so fresh!
I love the marinated tomatoes that my daughter makes - YUMMO!
Wow, an online card class is right up my alley! I love your style and was so happy to see that you are one of the teachers for Summer Camp. I would love to win a place - thanks for the chance!
My father was the most influential man in my life. He taught me everything from the social graces to how to handle a farmer who was irate over the price of his fertilizer bill! I worked with my father for 27 years in the family agribusiness before he finally retired and let me lead the company. I learned everything about the company from him, along with a lot of astute business practices. My father has been gone for almost two years, and I miss him each and every day.
A Mother's Day card I received from my daughter a couple of years ago.. She didn't know much about making handmade cards, but she did a beautiful job with what she had on hand. I cherish that card and will always keep it in my forever box.
Oh.My.Heck! How cute are these little tags! My heart just went to fluttering when I saw these tags, and all kinds of possibilities started flashing thru my mind. This set just went zooming over the top!
Toggle Commented Mar 14, 2011 on Introducing Tiny Tags at {capture the moment}
I LOVE buttons - I have always loved buttons, and I can't wait to play with the new cardboard for making carded buttons. I really see me using actual fabric, as well as the bitty backgrounds - I am going to have so much fun!!!!!! Thanks Michelle for the wonderful concept, and thank you Nicole for making the concept come alive!
I love Melissa's style of crafting, and have always been so envious of her ability to impart such a magical touch to her crafting. Maybe this set will help to push me toward her style just a little bit. The dies just push the set over the top.
Toggle Commented Dec 13, 2010 on Introducing Love Lives Here at {capture the moment}
I've covered wooden letters, decorated frames and lampshades, and also altered stretched canvas squares with paint, paper, and metal embellishments. It looks like banners will be making an appearance soon!!
I love Dawn's new Signature series - all of them! Dress Form is my favorite - I have been a seamstress since my early teens, and have always been smitten with the dress form shape. I wish my grandmothers were still alive, so I could send them a card made with the dress form - it reminds me so much of them and all that they taught me. Thanks for the stamp and the memories, Dawn!
Oh my Gosh!! My mind just starting reeling when I saw all of the fabulous items that could be made with this fantastic stamp set - and the dies will make those projects so much easier to finish! I can't wait to get my hands on all of this fabulousness!!!
White Christmas, with Bing Crosy, Danny Kay and Rosemary Clooney!
What cute tags!! I love the accordian fold - it looks great perched atop the tags. The designers really came up with some fabulous ideas for the new tags. I am really itching to get some cards made!
Love all of the Friendship Jar fillers - and that mug handle is such a fabulous idea!
Love the Distressed Dot paper - how versatile is that???
The cards on the cover are fabulous - would love to win one so I could see the rest of the cards... What fun!!
I use my jars for everything. They are great for mixing (shaking) homemade salad dressing, or margaritas! I also use them for storing all kinds of notions and larger embellishments
YEAH!!! Finally a teacup to go with the teapots! Thank you for adding this stamps set. Tea for Two is my favorite set, and you have just ramped it up 1000% for us!
LOVE the yellow flowers and the flower embellishments you made for that card - that will be my very first case of the release!
My favorite flower is the geranium. I love to have pots full of geraniums mixed with other colorful annuals all over my porch and in my flower beds. This reminds me so much of my paternal grandmother - she always had red geraniums and white petunias in the planter boxes that lined her back deck - such a wonderful memory!
Dawn's Dahlia will definitely be in my cart tonight! I love this flower, made even better by having dies to match. Thanks for all of your hard work!
LOVE the new outline alphabet, and aren't those whimsical houses cute??? Some hard decisions will have to be made once these are available for purchase!
Love the daffodil! I'm a yellow addict, so this is right up my alley - oh, to see some daffodils peaking their little blooms above the ground!