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Read this analysis of the statement by an epidemiologist
It should also be noted that the Hooker paper has now been retracted
I agree with the horribleness of the above article, and can't even imagine if it was someone with a medical or other disability that had been lost! But I do not agree with the author saying things would have been better if it were Virgin America. They lost my luggage for 45 days and refused to pay me for it for a long time, since they said it has to be lost for more than 45 days (convenient timing?) to be considered lost. They returned my stuff covered in mold and some of it unusable (told me it had somehow gotten left on the tarmac out in the rain and then stored somewhere for the next month). Many, many hours were spent writing letters and trying to reach humans on the phone, whose responses were things like, "Why did you check any luggae? I never check my stuff." There were worse things dfuring the whole experience, but it would take a book to write it. Bleh.
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Aug 14, 2012