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When you call your moral superior George Tiller "evil"---which of course is the last resort of misogynist cowards who will do less good in their entire lives than Tiller did before his lunch break every day---you endorse his murder. You tell potential murderers that their victims deserve it, and your disingenuous claims to the contrary are understood by the people you're communicating with as the necessary distancing of yourself from legal culpability, while quietly egging on terrorists.
Perfect and typical use in condoms is incredibly confusing, for sure. The reason is that the stats are measured on a per year basis. So, if you put that you use condoms as your main form of birth control on the survey, then you go into that column. You are considered a perfect user if you use them every time, with lube, checking the expiration date, and putting them on correctly. But a lot of people in the typical use column only use them some of the time. It sounds crazy to put "some of the time" into a "using protection" column, but as a public health measurement, it's actually pretty good. There's a lot of evidence to show that even spotty condom use has public health benefits, since as HIV transmission studies of prostitutes in HIV-heavy areas that show markedly lower transmission rates even if they use condoms somewhat sporadically. Or the 17% number that shows that people who at least try most of the time (but not all of the time) have much lower pregnancy rates. My gut is that the numbers they have can't be right, and more research is needed. I know people who got pregnant using withdrawal correctly, even though that's supposedly hard to do. But then again, I know people who got pregnant on the pill and condoms, though those were typical use situations.
Toggle Commented May 29, 2009 on Withdrawal study: Ur doin' it wrong at Majikthise