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MouthyNotMousy added a favorite at Lance Mannion
Feb 2, 2011
Mild to moderate prosopagnosia has been an embarrassing problem for me throughout my entire life, though now that I understand it better, I've found ways to deal with it. However, in my elementary school years (1960s), I was withdrawn, bizarre, and uncommunicative, and a puzzle to teachers, some of whom enlisted the aid of the school psychologist. None of this did anything other than make me feel like a freak. I feel I've grown out of the worst of the highly introverted, autistic-like behaviors and have concluded that attention-deficit disorder without hyperactivity is probably the best "working diagnosis" for me, now in my early 50s. As for the root cause, neither of my parents was a scientist, or worked in occupations that exposed them to heavy metals. They were, however, very heavy smokers. Health Canada - - states that a lit cigarette can contain up to 16.6 nanograms of mercury, and a typical weekend spent with my parents could have exposed me to 2688 nanograms. Multiply this by the 20+ years I lived at home. The reduced prevalence of smoking in the US over the last 25 years seems to correspond to my improved ability to process information and interact in a more mainstream way. As for vaccines, while I did receive quite a few in childhood (which often left me feeling like a pincushion after a visit to the MD), my son (age 21) had a lot more than I, and he shows none of the hallmark characteristics of autism. I'm very pro-vax and feel a great deal of irritation toward parents who withhold them from their kids and put the whole population in danger. The thought of resurgent polio, smallpox and rubella leaves me shaking my head.