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Mouthy One
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Oh my gosh, you are a life saver! I live with chronic pain, which makes certain tasks very difficult. Making the bed is insanely hard for me. The bed skirt? Yeah, not happening. So when I took mine off last month to be washed, it didn't go back on. With this tutorial, however, I can totally put my bedskirt on - by myself! By myself is a HUGE plus! <3 Thank you :)
Toggle Commented Nov 4, 2015 on DIY Velcro Bedskirt at A Beautiful Mess
This is a picture of my daughter's Maine Coon (named Blue): He really is an amazing cat. I've been known to say that one day when he figures out that he's a veritable giant among the other cats, there would be heck to pay as he gets the other cats back. He's super lovable and even accepting of new dogs and cats. I adopted him from the local shelter but he quickly won my daughter's heart and the rest is history.
Toggle Commented Jul 25, 2013 on Breed Profile: Maine Coon at And My Cat
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Jul 25, 2013